Infotainment - Discover your vehicles potential. spawned from a desire to provide customers with the ability to upgrade their their in-vehicle infotainment systems at a reasonable price.

OEM equipment could be swapped among similar models, but there were some details that needed to be addressed. Vehicles needed to be programmed and retrofitted with OEM parts to protect owners' warranties and existing functionality. The installations would need to be very simple so that consumers could perform installations themselves. Under no circumstances should the installation require cutting or splicing wires, thereby potentially voiding buyer warranty protections.

More than just a replacement OEM radios vendor, designs one-of-a-kind reliable easy to install replacement and upgrade infotainment solutions. Our investment into research and development gives customers the security of knowing we're committed to our discipline for the long-term. We continually research new product offerings and find ways to improve existing products. Our relationship with manufacturers and vendors makes us the most reliable source for OEM infotainment replacements and upgrades. Infotainment's engineering group has dedicated itself to providing the most reliable solutions at a fair price to the consumer.

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Special Buy the Ergo21 Original Cushion and get the Ergo21 Travel Cushion free. $77 Value

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The Best Pet Car Seat Covers Around

It can be amazing how much fur and dirt your dog can leave in your truck after a quick trip to the dog park, vet, or pet store. That quick ride that brought your furry best friend so much joy, has now cost you an hour of cleaning out your truck. Luckily, 4Knines has developed patented car seat covers and cargo liners that help eliminate the time and hassle that comes with maintaining a clean vehicle.

4Knines Rear Seat Cover was rated Best of the Best on Amazon by an Amazon Expert Reviewer. They are made to outlast and outperform other covers and are backed by a Lifetime Warranty. With multiple different covers, sizes and colors available, you are sure to find the right cover for you. The Crew Cab Cover is perfect for truck owners who love to take their dogs along for the ride. The front seat cover is perfect for little furry ones who love to call shot gun. Our patented Split Rear Seat Cover and Split Cargo Liners allow you to use your fold down seat, middle armrest and middle seatbelt with the cover in place.

4Knines Covers make it easier to travel with your dog without having to worry about muddy paws, claw marks or flying fur all over your seats. Car rides without the clean-up. You can get a cover to protect your car seats at

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BreezeGuard® Screens

Gives you peace of mind and your pet a safe haven
This Doggie will not
  • Be jumping out the window

  • Be stuck in a hot car

  • Risk debris flying into her eyes

This dog is safe from harm and enjoying a cool breeze

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Liquid Glass Guard rain repellent and windshield protectant lasts up to 6 months with one application.


The Benefits Are CLEAR
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
20% off first purchase
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Protect the most expensive electronics in your vehicle from scratches and other damage! Screen ProTech fights fingerprints and make cleaning your screen easier than ever before!

We pride ourselves on using the most advanced technology for designing automotive interior protection patterns. We work directly with film manufacturers to ensure the highest quality protection, creating custom fit screens specifically designed for your year/make/model/trim.

Kit Includes: Film for the instrument cluster and navigation screen along with install supplies.

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CleanBoost manufactures fuel treatments, specialty lubricants and filtration products for your fleet, check out our products today. Also offering Filtakleen Bypass Filters & Expello Valves for your fleet.

CleanBoost EMT is more than an Engine Treatment, EMT also can be used in gear boxes, differentials and manual transmissions. Available in: 8oz, 16oz, 64oz bottles, 5-gallon pails and 55-gallon drums

CleanBoost Gold additive is an updated version of our CleanBoost Original formulation which is specifically developed to accelerate the combustion rate of hard-to-burn hydrocarbon molecules. It functions by promoting the decompression of the large fuel particles in the flame and thus produces smaller fragments, which in turn are quickly burnt.

CleanBoost Brake Cleaner is a powerful product that cleans clutch dust, brake dust, dirt, dust, oil, tar, grease, brake fluid and other residues from your brake system and or race car clutch application. Although we packaged this product in a 16 ounce can, we make sure a high-pressure delivery system flushes contaminants off the surface being cleaned.

• Combust Bypass Filters Combustion Technologies is an authorized Filtakleen distributor and manufacturer of Combust Filtration Systems. Automotive Diesel, Trucking, Fleets, Mining, Autos, Industrial, Transit, School Buses, Motor-homes, Stationary and more.........keep your oil and fuel cleaner today using our filtration options. Extended oil drains and cleaner fuel systems are much easier when keeping your equipment's clean, check out our filtration options below.

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Windshield Treatment Kit

spotLESS Materials Windshield Treatment is a state-of-the-art hydrophobic coating that stands out from alternative hydrophobic coatings in its ability to repel liquid and viscoelastic solids, keeping your windshield clear of rain while also rendering the glass more repellent to sticky substances such as insect residue and bird waste. The technical superiority of this coating in the context of viscoelastic solid repellency has been rigorously assessed scientifically and the results have been documented and reviewed by prestigious scientific third parties. These results, including comparisons with alternative coatings, can be found in technical literature.

  • General easy-clean capabilities
  • Superior rain-repellency
  • Easy ice removal in cold regions
  • Easy removal of insect splatter

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Open Road Essentials - Automotive accessories to bring style, comfort and ease back to the drivers seat.

Collapsible Car Storage Organizer
Car storage organizer. Simple to install around the headrest of the front seats and unfolds into an organizer. It fits phones, tablets, drinks and snacks.
Waterproof interior, and leak proof helps keep your car clean and tidy, FOLDABLE DESIGN-Double layer saves more space in the car, MULTIPURPOSE VERSATILITY-Can act as trash can OR storage compartment, Can be upgraded with a cup holder
Back seat Storage Organizer
With this back seat organizer, you'll never have to pull over again! Simply attach the organizer to the back of the driver seat or the back seat and you have storage in seconds.
Made of high quality fabric, for durability and easy to clean, Large capacity, with 4 various pockets and net bag, Adjustable buckle strap, simple to install and take down, Foldable and portable design, easy to pack and store away, 3 different sizes for every occasion

Visit for other great accessories.

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GUNIWHEEL™ is the world's first universal vehicle and trailer mounting system in a spare tire-like application. By using GUNIWHEEL™ instead of a jack or jack stands to mount a vehicle, you can keep your vehicle in a mobile state, safely secured on the wheel hub, and eliminate the risk of jack stand failure and vehicle damage.

With it's PATENT PENDING DESIGN, the GUNIWHEEL™ 45 can accommodate most 4 and 5 lug patterns and the GUNIWHEEL™ 56 accommodates most larger 5 and 6 lug patterns.

The GUNIWHEEL™ is manufactured using high quality mild steel and solid non marking natural rubber for the tire.

  • Jack stands can be unstable, unsafe, and may cause damage to the vehicle undercarriage if not positioned properly.
  • Jack stands limit the mobility of a vehicle during repairs and services.
  • GUNIWHEEL™ increases service and repair ratios by allowing mobility to vehicles in the repair phase.
  • install a GUNIWHEEL™ during long-term storage on your boat trailers, campers and vehicles to avoid flat spots and dry outs on side walls during the storage period.
  • Keep production moving in your shops, no more dead cars. Go from repair to prep, to mechinal to paint with no interruptions.

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Wash your car without getting the hose stuck under the tires. HOZEEZ is the best engineered, most effective, and most durable hose guide money can buy. Simply drop HOZEEZ on the ground, kick it under the tire, and hoses slide right around the tire. HOZEEZ also works with air hoses, pressure washer hoses, and extension cords. Use HOZEEZ and you’ll never get the hose stuck under the tires again. HOZEEZ is patented and Made in USA!
  • Works with all tire sizes.
  • Use in the driveway, garage, shop, spray booth.
  • Works with car wash hoses, pressure washers, air lines, and extension cords.

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Hozeez Video from Bishop Innovations on Vimeo.

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2019 SEMA New Product Award Winner

TRAC - Tire Rotation Assistance Cart
Forged from a passion for efficiency and guided by insight and experience, the Patented Lift With TRAC Tire Rotation Assistance Cart is engineered to make tire rotations and service repairs easier and safer for professionals.

TRAC Tire Jack
If a technician needs to remove or install a tire from a vehicle near the ground, the TRAC Tire Jack simply slides under the tire and carries it off or on the vehicle. There is no need to lift with your back while using the TRAC Tire Jack. Just raise the vehicle from the ground with a floor jack. Place the TRAC Tire Jack under the tire and using leverage simply lift the tire away from the vehicle. Installation is just as easy with simply lifting the tire and sliding it back on the vehicle. Work Smarter not harder, use the jack-not your back.

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AeroLidz - Aerodynamic Light Bar Silencer AeroX Industries is a lighting and accessories company that is developing innovative products for the automotive industry. Our engineering team is comprised of some of the most talented engineers in the industry. Our ability to take an existing product and make it better is second to none. Rest assured the quality products you receive from us have been tested by our followers, friends, club members and AeroX Family.

The shape of the AeroLidz cover is that of an airplane wing. It opens up like a clam shell and allows the formed state of the poly-carbonate to maintain a natural strong grip on the top and bottom of the LED light bar.

NEW!! COMBO PACK 52” RGB Chasing LED LIGHT BAR + Cover + Insert
This is not your ordinary light bar. It offers the most customizable control offered on the market today. It comes with an Aerolidz Light bar silencer and a Aerolidz insert.

This combo g\ives you the best package deal on the market since light bars make wind noise. You also get a free insert with your purchase representing your American made Aerolidz products.

The Light bar measures end to end at 52” long. Choose from a million colors and scenes that can created by the RF remote or the Bluetooth App. It can be dimmed down for night time driving to be used with your with your AeroShadez. Turn it up for day light running lights.

CUSTOMIZE Your Aerolidz Cover with Removable AeroShadesTM! Add a variety of colors and design inserts to your AeroLidz Covers! If you want to make a bigger statement, we offer a wide variety of tinted inserts and custom insert designs (contact us for pricing) to change the color of your beams or even add graphics. See our full selection at Our tinted films slide securely into the cover to change the look of your lights. We also offer inserts that can change the light intensity or block front projection, effectively covering the lights for street use. All our inserts are made from durable polycarbonate (transparent) or polypropylene (solid colors). Custom insert designs also available.

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The seat belt shoulder belt moves with the movement of the car. Over time this rubbing in unwanted areas of the neck and chest area annoys. It rubs, passengers tug to get the belt in a more comfortable position.

The rubbing is more than annoying for people with chemotherapy ports, pacemakers, chest surgery, shoulder surgery and some shunts. Some solutions are to move the shoulder belt out of the way and another is to ask the Doctor for an exemption letter. Now there is an option.

Wearing a belt in an unsafe manner leaves the passenger open for significant injury. Auto personal injury attorneys divide injuries into two categories.
  • The shoulder belt results in injuries to the shoulder, ribs, neck, chest and sternum.
  • The lap belt results in injuries to the abdomen and spinal cord.

Safety Belt Comfort has been described like a Chinese Finger Trap. The more pressure on it the firmer it holds. It is a tri-fold. To install, wrap around both the lap and shoulder belt in the lap belt area. The Velcro like strap holds it securely in place.

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Keep Your Car Looking Better Than Ever

Eliminate steep driveway scrapes, parking curb strikes, and deep pothole bumper damage with this new amazing add-on.

SLIPLO universal skid plate is the solution for a protected, pristine bumper. It’s strong, easy to install, and performs as promised to safeguard against damage.

SLiPLO’s proprietary Polyurethane formulation gives our bumper skid plate its durability and protective qualities. It’s the same hard-wearing, high-performance material that’s used on snow plows, designed to deliver high strength, maximum cold-temperature flexibility, and exceptional hydrolysis resistance.

SLiPLO Universal Bumper Scrape Guard Kit (DIY)
  • One size fits all designed to fit any bumper
  • The ultimate bumper lip protector kit
  • Prevents scrapes and scuffs spoiling the look of your vehicle
  • Sturdy, high-performance Polyurethane construction
  • Drill-free application – simply stick and go
  • Includes super strength 3M double sided adhesive
  • Easily removable and won’t pull away your paintwork
  • EZ Glide reduces contact surface area by over 50%

Get 15% off + free US shipping when you use the discount code WHEELED15 @

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Real Fans Have Real Flags
FanPole is the best portable, hitch-mounted flag pole that allows fans of any kind to easily fly a full-size flag on the road, while tailgating, or at the game. This isn't some redneck PVC pipe strung together with chicken wire and used chew. This is high quality s*** we're talking about. Quit embarrassing yourself by driving around with dinky plastic flags hanging out of your window & get yourself, and your truck, a FanPole today. Real fans have real flags.

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DROP WIPES, #1 Bird Poop Remover for Cars. These Exterior Car Wipes will help your vehicle stay looking NEW and keep it's VALUE by Neutralizing Bird Poop with the convenience of an All-Natural, Patent Pending Car Wipe. Also, works great on Water Spots, Bug Splats and more!

SH!T HAPPENS! BE PREPARED. Don’t wait till it’s too late! 100% Guaranteed.

Each box comes with 10 ultra-soft, individually wrapped dual wipes to put in all your household cars.

Here’s why Drop Wipes are DIFFERENT:

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UPGRADE YOUR DIPSTICK TODAY. Purchase a SuperStik and take the guess work out of measuring your fluid levels.

The SuperStik precision dipstick utilizes patented technology to vent trapped air that forms inside a dipstick tube when taking oil level measurements. This dramatically improves accuracy and repeatability over a standard dipstick. As a direct OEM replacement, the SuperStik offers superior performance with innovative design and aesthetics.

Accurate dipstick readings ensure optimal oil levels for maximum engine life and fuel economy. Dipstick repeatability allows the establishment of a baseline for future measurements to be referenced to. These relative measurements provide insight into the health of an engine and can bring attention to problems before catastrophic damage occurs

SuperStik Features:
  • Patented valving system provides accurate and repeatable oil level readings with the push of a button.
  • CNC machined aluminum body is anodized in multiple colors.
  • Innovative blade design with easy to read oil wicking surface finish.
  • Make and model specific applications allow for easy installation, direct oem replacement.
  • Proudly made in the USA.

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One-step color brightener and sealer, specially formulated for black and other dark color paints. Quickly and effectively removes fine swirl marks and cobweb scratches, while leaving a darker, more reflective finish. Contains amino functional silicones and Carnauba Wax for long term, high gloss protection. Safe for all types of paint finishes. For hand or machine use. VOC COMPLIANT.
Features & Benefits:
  • Specifically Formulated for Black & Other Dark Color Paint Finishes

  • Micro Abrasives Remove Fine Swirl Marks, Cobweb Scratches & Paint Finish Roughness

  • Produces a Darker, More Reflective Paint Finish

  • Blend of Carnauba Wax & Polymers Yield a Deep, Dark Protective Shine

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AutoFloorGuard containment mats are the best and easiest way to keep your garage floor clean. Our containment mats are durable with heat-sealed edges to prevent just about any liquid spilled, leaked or dropped from your car from damaging your garage floor! And when you are ready to clean, simply pull the parking mat over the garage threshold and either sweep or hose down the mat.

  • Heavy Duty Fabric
  • Free Squeegee Head
  • Built-in Closed Cell Foam Containment Edge
  • Heat-Sealed Watertight Seams
  • Stay-Put Corners Included
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty

For More Information from AutoFloorGuard
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The Turncycle Center Stand Disc is a revolutionary and innovative product, designed and created by passionate motorcycle rider Rob Baetz. This helpful device could only have been designed by a motorcycle enthusiast because it solves a problem that only an avid rider would understand.

One of the key advantages of a bike is their versatility and the fact that they can fit into practically any garage space. Invariably as any family lives in a property for any length of time, the garage quickly becomes filled up with lifes collectibles. The allotted space for your bike quickly becomes smaller and smaller, and before long you find yourself driving forwards, and then delicately reversing out in the morning.

With the Turncycle Center Stand Disc, you can quickly and effortlessly rotate your bike 180 degrees, allowing you to drive out of the garage, as easily as you drove in.

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Forget the days of scuffing up your truck while moving cargo. Tackle any load life throws your way with The Portable Truck Bed Liner, a heavy duty tarp built to last.
  • PROTECT Designed to shield your truck bed from harmful cargo, and your cargo from the elements
  • CONTAIN The strap system contains your cargo, and prevents items flying away during transit.
  • CONCEAL Keeps your valuable cargo out of sight
  • UNLOAD Handles are located at the rear of the liner, for easy unloading and dumping of your cargo
  • PORTABLE EASE OF STORAGE At around 7lbs the liner folds into a 16x10x10 bag in-between usage.
  • SIZED TO FIT Comes in six different sizes to perfectly fit your truck, and maximize utilization of space. From Small pick-up trucks to large commercial trailers, we have a size to fit your needs

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Eco-Loop is the world's first spill proof, vented, controlled pour, flexible, long reach oil pouring device. Not only for oil but many other fluids.

It's unique “Loop” design prevents contamination as well as spillage which can potentially harm the environment, not to mention make a mess of your car, boat, motorcycle etc.

Eco-Loop will fit to almost all standard plastic bottles ranging from 1L - 5L. So whether you need to put oil into your Car, Boat, RV, motorcycle, ATV, lawnmower or any other small engine, Eco-Loop is the only choice for no spill, no contamination and no pollution.

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Not one to leave well enough alone CarCapsule USA presents the next level of premium indoor vehicle storage. The Signature Series is our latest in an ongoing pursuit to Preserve, Protect, and Present, your classic and super car. See all that CarCapsule has to offer, visit, email us at or call us at 219- 945-9493 for more on the Signature Series, and the rest of CarCapsule’s Premium Storage Solutions.

We Speak Storage.

Signature Series Start at $2095.00

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What is a Talelight?

Quite simply, Talelight is the world’s first electronic bumper sticker that lets you share your thoughts and feelings with the road in a whole new way!

Talelight has three components:

Electronic display: A road tested, low power LCD display that mounts on the back of your car and displays your bumper stickers for all to see: rugged construction high brightness full color LCD screen designed for outdoor applications and sunlight readability, IP65 tested (no problem taking it through the car wash). A creative space where you can make and buy bumper stickers. A place to manage your Talelight display and a library of all of your favorite stickers. A profitable place where you can sell your sticker designs to the world. A fun place to be.

Talelight app for Android or iOS: Think of the Talelight app as the communication “bridge” between the website and your Talelight display.

How does it work?

The website is where you manage your display. You can either buy bumper stickers from the sticker store or create and upload your own (and offer them for sale).

Once you have configured how you want the images to show at, you then use the free iOS or Android mobile app to transfer images and schedules to the Talelight display. The Talelight turns on when you turn on your car and is off when you park your car. It is attached with a strong double sided tape (included) which will not hurt your paint and is powered by connecting the Taleight, using the included 15’ cable, to a USB outlet (or a cigarette outlet to USB adaptor) in your car. Installation typically takes less than 10 minutes and everything you need to install it comes with the Talelight display.

Worried about theft? The double sided tape is very strong and the Talelight is very difficult to remove. The Talelight is also off when you are away from car and is very nondescript, basically you cannot see it at night if it is not on. The best part is that the Talelight is registered to your account so that only you can program it. It is not of any value to potential thieves.

The Talelight allows you to display your current mood…Just say NO to Mondays, your favorite causes or issues…It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month, your pride and joy…My daughter is an A student, or highlight and promote your small business. Best of all, you can change your messages to suit your life, your mood and any special occasion. Forget the old days of plastering that “Hope and Change” sticker on your bumper for the rest of your car’s life. The Talelight display can hold up to 25 images and you get to choose how – and when – your stickers display.

Be one of the first to own the slicker bumper sticker!

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Kevin Tetz Paintucation Learning Center instructional library is now available ON DEMAND as Streaming Video can be viewed on your computer or mobile device. DVDs are also available for the Paintucation series.

Paintucation Learning Center
  • Instant Access to All Videos - No Waiting
  • Content Available Anywhere on Any Device
  • Free Content Available on the Paintucation Youtube Channel

"Fiberglass Repair" - In this 90 minute DVD, Kevin Tetz & Paintucation take the mystery out of Fiberglass Repair! In this DVD, we cover the simplest repair, to the most advanced projects, including paint removal techniques, Full-Panel replacement on a vintage Corvette, solving problems with aftermarket fiberglass, and modern SMC panel repair. Kevin demonstrates safety tips, and eliminating “the fiberglass itch!”

“Body Shop Basics” provides fundamental information about basic tool selection, basic dent repair, blending colors, gun technique, proper safety technique and tool selection, as well as some colorsanding & buffing information.

“Paint Your Own Car” Follows a complete overall paintjob beginning to end, with minor repairs, blocking, sanding & masking techniques as well as gun technique and answers questions like “Where do I start?”

“Colorsanding & buffing” tells you what to do after the paint is dry, and shows the difference between a “show” finish and a driver finish. Run repair techniques are shown in detail, as well as short sections of reviving old paint.

“Metal Prep & Rust Repair” demonstrates stripping metal with chemicals and sanders, and walks you through a home made rust patch start to finish. Metal finishing and body filler techniques are shown as well as surface rust removal and many other tips.

“Xtreme detailing” has 26 different projects, ranging from proper car-wash technique, glass repair, interior repair, all the way to vintage stainless steel pic-n-file repair.

“Body Panel Replacement” Is the newest Paintucation DVD, and has 152 minutes worth of information, 5 different panel replacement projects, welding, cutting, leading, fitment, metal finishing, adhesive, and filling techniques demonstrated in clear detail. 2 DVD set.

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HUDWAY Glass — the world's first vehicle accessory turning a smartphone into a head-up display for any car. HUDWAY Glass allows using any head-up display app on any smartphone both in poor visibility and on a clear day!

  • Turns any smartphone into a head-up display (hud) for any car
  • Vehicle cell phone accessory works with any smartphone and hud apps
  • Reflects any hud-based app of your cell phone and displays it right in driver's line of sight
  • Glass transparency allows for a clear road view so you are not distracted from the actual road
  • The reflected image is discernible in any visibility (day and night)

HUDWAY Glass Bond promo from HUDWAY on Vimeo.

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The Spray Coach

Practice with the coach! And Get Prepared for the game!

The Spray Coach is a dry training system, designed to teach you the perfect technique without spraying a drop of paint! Spray Coach is a simple attachment that fits on almost any spray gun, and combined with the instruction book and DVD will teach you what perfect spray technique is supposed to feel like.

Give the gift of learning only $19.95

For More Information on The Spray Coach or the Paintucation Learning Center

CARLOCK OFFERS GPS ON STEROIDS: Advanced Real Time Car Tracker & Alert System

CARLOCK - Advanced Real Time Car Tracker & Alert System. Comes with Device & Phone App. Easily Tracks Your Car In Real Time & Notifies You Immediately of Suspicious Behavior.

  • WORK & SLEEP WITHOUT WORRY - CarLock monitors and alerts you on your phone when your vehicle is moved, when the engine starts, if unusual vibration is detected & even if the device is disconnected!
  • MONITOR YOUR TEENAGER - We love our teens but they can be entirely different people behind the wheel. CarLock detects harsh acceleration (drag racing), hard breaking & sharp cornering (stunt driving).
  • VIRTUAL MECHANIC - CarLock actively monitors the health of your vehicle and alerts you in advance if your car battery is running dangerously low or is experiencing high battery drain.
  • LIKE GPS ON STEROIDS - Also included is detailed trip tracking which lets you monitor where your car has been. Whether your car is stolen or a "trusted" driver is going off course - you'll know!
  • EXTREMELY AFFORDABLE - CarLock uses cloud computing, internet storage, GPS tracking and a modern day app (Android & iOS). You get all this for an affordable monthly fee and the first month is FREE!

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Tuff Truck Bag

We’ve all been there, you’ve planned a weekend outdoors, the weather service predicted sunny weather for your adventure and, of course, you take your truck for those awesome treks. Halfway into your trip, it starts pouring like a torrential flood and you have no canopy. All of your clothes, equipment and other goods gets soaked and you have to return disappointed. This shouldn’t be a problem anymore if you have a Tuff Truck.

The Tuff Truck Bag is essentially a cheaper alternative to a truck bed cover, and easier to handle. Made from heavy duty non-breathable PVC with heat fusion seals, the Tuff Truck Bag is completely waterproof and will keep the possessions that you choose to store safe and dry. The zipper is heavy duty with a three-fold waterproof PVC flap for the ultimate protection. The bag features four metal rings on the corners with adjustable bungee cords so that you can fasten it to your truck bed with ease, and will fit any size truck bed.

For ease of use and storage, the Tuff Truck Bag is completely collapsible and comes with a storage stow bag. It can also be used as a singular item or in conjunction with other storage bags. This bag measures 40” wide x 50” long x 22” tall and has 26 cubic feet of interior space.

Get $20 off a black or khaki Tuff Truck Bag
use coupon code TTB-WheeledPlanet-20

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Pocket Radar - Traffic Advisor™ K-Band Doppler Radar
The World's Smallest Certified Accurate Speed Radar

From the world’s smallest certified accurate speed radar, to the only radar gun specifically designed for coaching and training, Pocket Radar has engineered a revolutionary product line to fit your speed measurement needs. Each Pocket Radar design includes exceptional performance and technology that fits in the palm of your hand. Pocket Radar products are convenient and rugged enough for everyday use by everyone from pro to amateur, to National Championship winning coaches and anyone interested in speed.


Get accurate speed readings easily with the Traffic Advisor radar. Discreetly measure speed without altering traffic behavior.
  • Measure Peak Speed
  • Measure Acceleration/Decleration
  • Recall Button allows for Review of Previous 10 Speed Readings
  • Training Exercises
  • Traffic Safety, Traffic Engineering, Driving Schools, Industrial, Education, and Many More!

For More Information Pocket Radar
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Garage Style!! - Moduline Cabinets

We’ve all been there; working in the garage or at the shop and can’t find what we need, at least when we need it. That’s why Moduline believes in “a place for everything and everything in its place”. It’s also why Moduline has developed a series of aluminum metal storage cabinets and toolcabinets designed to fit the needs of professionals and homeowners that want high quality storage cabinets to help them get organized. Our goal at Moduline is to be your choice for garage and shop organization by providing the highest quality innovative aluminum metal storage cabinets, tool cabinets, workbenches and accessories. We have a cabinet system that will be sure to fit your needs and your space. That’s the beauty of being modular. Our cabinets are designed to piece together the way you want. This also allows room to rearrange and/or add to your cabinets as your needs grow and change. You can count on Moduline to provide the highest quality, strongest and most beautiful aluminum cabinets available.

Garages are becoming the extra space in the home for all types of things such as hobby shops, home gyms, workshops, family centers and personal showrooms. Why not incorporate attractive and functional storage cabinets to give your garage the style it deserves. Aluminum metal cabinets are by far the best storage cabinets for a garage environment as they are extremely strong and will not rust or deteriorate when exposed to moisture. Aluminum metal cabinets do not attract dust, do not cause static shock (very important especially when flammables are present), and are highly resistant to mold and mildew.

For More Information on Moduline Cabinets
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